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Experience & Approach

Moonshot Admissions isn’t just another consultancy; we’re changemakers. Our founder’s personal journey from expulsion to admission sets us apart. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve redirected the paths of countless students by focusing on fit, process, and impact. We emphasize that what you do in college is more significant than where you attend. Our approach draws from marketing, digital strategy, and innovation, offering fresh perspectives that admissions committees remember.

Value Proposition: Helping you plan a moonshot journey that may change your trajectory!


Guiding You To Success

Game Plan

Craft a strategic college list, including scholarship opportunities.


Develop positioning strategies that highlight your uniqueness and impact.


Create a roadmap with milestones to track your progress.


Utilize design thinking principles to map your journey and stand out.


Employ innovative tactics to ensure your application leaves a lasting impression.

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